Reds in Ed Newsletter: Teacher struggle continues across the country
Vol. 1 Issue 8

Reds in Ed
January 2021

As a winter storm descends over the Midwest, the battle over school reopening in Chicago heats up. Marathon negotiating sessions between Chicago Public Schools  and the Chicago Teachers Union continued Jan. 25 with little definite progress. Some 71% of CTU membership voted over the weekend to continue teaching remotely. At the heart of the reopening question is this: why is Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot so intent on reopening schools as soon as possible when a vaccine is around the corner and the CDC estimates that 100,000 more people will die by February 13Read more.

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Virus surges across country, schools left struggling
Vol. 1 Issue 7

Reds in Ed
November 2020

Teachers stage sick outs and “test outs” as COVID surges. NYC Schools left struggling as second wave of COVID begins. Anti-racist protesters shut down Wisconsin school board meeting.
Read more.

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Keep Children and Educators COVID-19 Safe
Vol. 1 Issue 6

Reds in Ed
October 2020

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The unelected school board of Chicago Public Schools and mayor of our city, at every stage of the pandemic, have pushed for reopening and in-person learning despite unsafe conditions in the midst of a global pandemic. On October 15, a record setting day with 4,015 new COVID-19 cases and 53 deaths due the virus, CPS announced its intention to resume in-person learning for Pre-K and Special Education students for the second quarter of the school year, starting
November 9. Read more here.

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Socialists in the Struggle for Public Education
Vol. 1 Issue 5

Reds in Ed
September 2020

Reds in Ed held a webinar entitled Socialists in the Struggle for Public Education on Aug. 29, 2020. It is featured in this month’s newsletter, along with updates on the struggle in New York City, and heightened public health concerns as fall began with educator deaths from COVID-19.

The webinar featured a special report from New York City just before schools were set to reopen in person without regard for public safety, reports from education workers around the country who are socialists and union activists as well talks on the need for a revolutionary party as we fight for public education. Watch it here

Six Teacher Deaths at Start of Fall Semester Heighten Public Health Concerns

Stephanie Kenific
September 16, 2020

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Teachers hit the streets for safe and healthy schools Vol 1. Issue 4.

Reds in Ed
August 2020

CDC shifts under pressure, weakens safety standards for school reopening, parents and educators resist

Reds in Ed
July 31, 2020

Teachers Demand COVID-19 Containment Before Return to Campuses

Reds in Ed
July 13, 2020

When it comes to the risks to opening schools, in the words of San Jose, CA teacher Jodi Disario, “I think I need to draw the line at dying.” Read more

Under the Lash: Trump Says He’ll Cut Funding if Schools Don’t Reopen

July 9, 2020

Listen now to Chicago Teachers Union member and activist Nick Stender featured in this interview with updates on schools and COVID-19.

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Deadly toll of corona virus
Defund police, not education – Vol. 1, Issue 3

By Reds in Ed

July 8, 2020

Defund the police, not education

By Shaniqua Pippen

June 26, 2020

Reds in Ed in Solidarity with the Rebellions

By Reds in Ed

June 3, 2020

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Solidarity with the Rebellions – Vol. 1, Issue 2

By Reds in Ed

June 2, 2020

Reds in Ed Statement on May 30th Cancel the Rents Protests

By Reds in Ed

May 27, 2020

NYC Schools and COVID-19: A failed response and a looming crisis

By Shaniqua Pippen

May 25, 2020

DeVos diverts emergency funds to bolster private schools

By Stephanie Kay

May 24, 2020

Governor Cuomo Calls for Increased Digital Learning Despite Systemic Inequalities

By Stephanie Kenific

May 7, 2020

Reds in Ed Newsletter: Solidarity with the Rebellions – Vol. 1, Issue 1

By Reds in Ed

April 21, 2020

Chicago special ed parents show solidarity after COVID-19 school closure

By Catherine Henchek

March 26, 2020

Letter to my co-workers: The educators

By Frank Lara

March 19, 2020

Students, teachers speak at Boston School Committee in support of Black Lives Matter at School

By Amrita Dani

February 15, 2020

Pedagogy of the oppressed against Trump: Communist education in the emerging mass movement

By Derek Ford

January 26, 2017

“Why socialism”

Workers create all the wealth

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